It’s Not Your Fault: A Testimonial by Cole Crenshaw

Photo Credit: Rebecca Hankins

I have a friend who has been struggling deeply. I try to help, but he shuts me down. I can tell he is struggling, but he laughs it off and says he is fine.

“It seriously doesn’t even bother me.”

“It really isn’t a big deal. A lot of people go through this.”

“My situation is completely different from most people who go through this, so I’m fine.”

“I was so young when they split up that I don’t even remember it, so it isn’t a big deal.”

Starting to get the picture? My friend is a victim of divorce: a sin that has become “okay” in the eyes of the world today.


What is the role of Good Works in the life of a Christian? by Kyle Brassell

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Photo Credit: Rebecca Hankins

The role of good works in the lives of Christians has caused great debate among Christians throughout history, even significantly contributing to the largest split of the Christian church seen in the Protestant Reformation. Theological writings from several centuries present differing views on the importance of performing good works to the Christian faith. (more…)