“Genesis 1” by Corey Davis

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*Note from the moderator:  Once again, we would like to point out that we at the BSU support the spiritual gifts of our students.  That said, please enjoy this poem, written by our very own Corey Davis.*

Genesis 1

He opened his mouth in speedless dark

And out came the origin flame

The taste He popped off his tongue

And poured forth the sun

Plopped, dolloped as a sticky starry yoke

Peach pulp into morning


Now we taste it too, kicking like mango tang

Drizzling down our throats

The zing of the first hallelujah

Pools and lagoons in grottos thirsty for warmth

Onomatopoeia of heaven splashing

Like when He laughed the “so let it be”

And so we are


Corey Davis is a junior English major from Clinton, MS.  She is a part of the Sally McDonnell Barksdale Honors College and is co-leader of the BSU Drama Team.  She enjoys having great ideas and then going after them.  Also, she likes avocados. 

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